Why Patients Love Chiropractic!

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Have you ever wondered what patients love about Chiropractic? A 2012 National Health Interview Survey revealed some interesting reasons.

The survey participants said the reason they visit a chiropractor is:
For General Wellness
To Improve Energy
To Improve Athletic or Sports Performance
To Improve Immune Function
To Improve Memory or Concentration

The participants also said the benefits of chiropractic are:
Improve Overall Health or Feel Better
Help Sleep Better
Help Reduce Stress or Relax
Make it Easier to Cope with Health Problems
Give a Sense of Control Over One’s Own Health
Help Feel Better Emotionally
Improve Attendance at Job or School
Improve Relationships With Others

Participants emphasized valuing their Chiropractor as a source of information and guidance, being motivated to “exercise more regularly” and “eat healthier”. Also noted was that Chiropractic is natural, focuses on the whole person, treats the cause and not just the symptoms and combined with Medical treatment would be helpful. What reasons do you love Chiropractic?

I Love Chiropractic and being a Chiropractor as my preference is to help the incredible healing processes of the body through specific hands on care combined with diet, vitamins, homeopathy, herbal supplements and stress management techniques. I personally use these modalities first and then if needed can add medication and or surgery as sometimes you need the best of both worlds.



Medical Doctor recommends Chiropractic for managing symptoms of Lupus.

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Can Symptoms of Lupus be Managed with Chiropractic? Medical Doctor, Gary Levin, thinks so. He suggests chiropractic for lupus patients who struggle with joint pain, joint stiffness, muscular pain, and fatigue. Chiropractor, Dr. Kenneth Wilson recommends taking the whole person into account when reducing the severity of lupus symptoms. This involves a combination of spinal manipulation, vitamin therapy and muscle relaxation therapy. A recent clinical case study involving a 34 Year Old patient diagnosed with Lupus, showed improvement of her symptoms after 12 visits and there was a resolution in her lupus blood work as well.

Lupus is an autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system malfunctions and attacks its own healthy tissue. Patients can go into remission for long periods and can be triggered by infection, tissue injury or other medical conditions. There is no known cure for lupus at the present and medications such as NSAIDS, Antimalarial, Corticosteroids, Immune Suppressants or Biologics may be prescribed.

Lupus can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider incorporating a holistic
Chiropractic approach that focuses on possible causes of flare ups, treats symptoms when they do occur, reduces stress in the body, includes diet, as well as nutritional supplementation and teaches stress management techniques.


Can Chiropractic Resolve Chronic Fainting or Passing Out?

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Here’s an Exciting Clinical Case where Chiropractic demonstrated resolution of chronic fainting or passing out, known as Vasovagal Syncope. Along with this Case study I personally had success with a patient that came to me for another reason but also had a long history of fainting. Her chronic condition, to her delight, resided once she began Chiropractic care.

The resolution of Vasovagal Syncope through chiropractic makes sense if the cause is structural. The vagus nerve extends from the head, through the neck and into the abdomen. It interfaces with the parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs and digestive tract. Any compromise in the structure of the vertebrae in the neck certainly could have an effect on the part of the vagus nerve in that area. When the structural integrity of the neck is reestablished this certainly could allow for the vagus nerve to regain normal function. I would recommend Chiropractic Care if one has symptoms of fainting or passing out, especially if other modalities don’t seem to help.


Chiropractic Enhances the Immune System.

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If you’re looking for quicker recovery from colds, respiratory infections, allergy symptoms and other immune related problems, then consider implementing Chiropractic as part of your solution. An accumulation of data from studies suggests that a possible benefit of spinal manipulation is related to neuroimmunological effects. For many years, chiropractors including myself, have observed immune system benefits with our patients.

For those adults or children that have chronic symptoms of colds, allergies, respiratory issues, etc… a series of chiropractic adjustments may be warranted to help the body’s immune system become more effective. Once positive results occur, then a maintenance program should be implemented for consistency. For those adults or children that notice a cold coming on then consider coming in for an adjustment immediately with the idea of going home to rest, get into a hot bath and implement natural remedies such as probiotics, Elderberry, Vitamin C, garlic, reducing sugar and dairy, etc.

If you enjoy details about studies on how Chiropractic can help the immune system then please read the link attached. http://www.chiro.org/research/ABSTRACTS/Immune_Responses_to_Spinal_Manipulation.shtml

The History of Animal Chiropractic.

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Did you know that in the early 1900’s a Chiropractic Veterinary hospital was created? Sick cows, horses, cats, dogs, etc. where adjusted by Chiropractors to prove that the principal and practice of hands on manipulation also applied to animals. Years later in the mid 1980’, the late Sharon L. Willoughby, a Veterinarian that became a Chiropractor, began teaching and founded Options for Animals, a College of Animal Chiropractic. Soon the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association was established, a certifying agency for doctors who have undergone post-graduate animal chiropractic training.

Options for Animals says that Animal Chiropractic is not meant to replace traditional veterinary medicine. When used in conjunction it is an effective and valuable means of restoring and maintaining strength, vigor, and well-being. It offers another method of exploring and treating the root causes of an animal’s aches, pains, and illnesses. It ensures maximum improvement, top performance, and an exceptional quality of life. To find a specialist search the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic helps Puppy with Tremors.

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Chiropractic Care Helps Animals Too! A three three-week-old Great Dane presented to a private veterinary and animal chiropractic clinic with symptoms of orthostatic intention tremors. These high frequency tremors are predominantly in the legs while in a standing position, with an immediate sense of instability. After the chiropractic adjustments and low level laser therapy, the Great Dane immediately fell asleep. Three days after, he showed marked improvement and two-weeks later the tremors were resolved. Animals are precious and deserve the benefits of Chiropractic Care along with other modalities that help the body self regulate without leaving toxic side effects. On my next post I will share with you the history of Animal Chiropractic.

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A Simple Tip to Decompress.

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A Simple Way to Reduce Stress. If you are extremely busy and don’t have time to decompress here’s a tip. Take a moment on YouTube and favorite a few music videos that you like the relaxing sounds of. Play the video while taking a shower, brushing your teeth, making a meal, paying bills and other activities of daily living. This allows you to receive the health benefits of creating calmness in your mind and in your nervous system. It often takes 30 days to create a new habit and I recommend this tip for at least that length of time. Consider making stress reduction easy to do and a lifetime goal, especially since life can throw plenty of curve balls. This can help create a healthier, calmer and happier you!

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Great Tips for Insomnia!

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Insomnia Is awful! When I turned 40 and was premenopausal, insomnia hit me hard. I was helped through tips like this by Dr. Hedberg along with the occasional over the counter sleep aid. According to this article: “90 million Americans are plagued with insomnia and miss out on sleep’s wonderful healing properties. Insomnia can cause you to become more inflamed and more insulin resistant simply by getting 6 hours of sleep or less. The immune system will also suffer significantly if you don’t get enough sleep making you more prone to colds and the flu.” Please take the time to find the combination of things that work for you in allowing you to sleep and to have your health and quality of life restored!


The Healing Power of Sound

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Remember the commercial of the opera singer shattering the wine glass? Take that concept into how sound can effect health. Dr. Anthony Holland, a composer and musician was always interested in the physical effects of sound and set out to find the frequencies that would shatter cancer cells. After one year of experimenting in the laboratory he found the frequencies that combatted 60% of the cells of Pancreatic Cancer and Leukemia. The lab Novobiotronics is raising money to test these frequencies on living subjects. Their goal is create a non toxic, non invasive and inexpensive treatment for cancer and perhaps other diseases using sound. They aren’t the first to experiment with sound and cancer. In the early 1900’s Dr. Royal Rife began experimenting with frequencies that worked on two viruses that he found associated with cancer. Practitioners are still using Rife technology that he discovered years ago. If you saw the movie Heal, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson began experimenting with sound and its effects on the body and brain in 1981 at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. His experiments involved using exact sound frequencies to make chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize organ function, and to balance acupuncture meridians. His clinical research with thousands of patients and volunteers led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns, built into musical soundtracks, can entrain brainwaves and trigger numerous health benefits.

This incredible technique could be a game-changer for cancer treatment. Explore more alternative health discoveries: http://ow.ly/B9Ty30gTw0r

Chiropractic May Help the Brain Clean its Waste Products.

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Have you heard of the Glymphatic System? It’s what cleans waste products rather quickly from the brain. If it fails to cleanse as it is meant to, scientists believe this may be an important factor for many brain conditions such as: traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. It seems to me that the glymphatic system could also be effected by concussions, hits on the head or other head traumas. For any of these conditions, I suggest Craniosacral Therapy and Chiropractic Care of neck. The reason being is that scientists have been studying the effects of craniosacral therapy on helping the glymphatic system. There also is knowledge of the impact that chiropractic care of the of upper neck has on intracranial fluid dynamics.