Posture: Are You Crooked or Straight?

Recently a woman in her early 20’s came to see me because she was having right shoulder and right hip pain. When I checked her posture I put her in front of the mirror to show how crooked she was. Her right shoulder and right hip were significantly lower and her right foot was flat. This definitely opened her eyes to something she was not aware of.
I then put her onto my chiropractic table and mobilized restricted joints from the feet on up. Afterwards she stood in front of the mirror and her frame was less crooked. Her right foot still was flat so I instructed her to stabilize what I did by putting an arch support into her right shoe. We discussed a treatment plan of regular chiropractic care, specific exercises based on how her posture presented, using the arch support and I also made supplement recommendations. 
I discussed my intentions for short term and long term outcomes. Short Term: to eliminate the pain that she had been having and Long Term: to create a program that allows her posture to become more balanced and stay that way permanently. This is important as measuring the posture of someone in their 20’s and 30’s can be a big predictor on how their joints will be affected as they age. She was active with exercise so imagine a life time of exercising on a crooked frame and the degenerative affects down the road. At her next visit, her posture remained improved and her pain was a lot less. She liked wearing the arch support and during the week noticed activities that were more one sided. 
Making one’s frame/posture more balanced is a great preventive to stop major problems later on. Essentially prevention saves money in the long run and improves overall quality of life. What’s your posture? Look in the mirror with your hands resting on your hips and see if one hip or shoulder is higher than the other. Also look at your feet: Does the right foot look like the left foot? Do your shoes wear out evenly? Evaluate your posture at home, because it’s never to late to straighten a crooked frame. 



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