60 Years of Medical Research Validates Scientific Basis for Chiropractic

I recently attended a webinar entitled “The Scientific Basis for Chiropractic” by Dr. Lisa K Bloom. Are you aware that for 60 years the medical profession studied the bio-mechanical affects of a hypo mobile joint? Well, according to Dr. Bloom, by the late 80’s there were 100’s of research articles from the medical community showing the following reproducible results. A joint that is hypo mobile immediately produces local damage to the skin, tissue, fat, ligaments and the surrounding blood vessels of the joint. Another effect of reduced joint mobility is neurological; which also can have visceral reactions.

According to Dr. Bloom, studies also showed that when there is reduced motion in the joint it is often not painful. This is because each joint is supplied by special receptors and when the joint is hypo mobile these receptors fire harmful messages to the brain and the nervous system. This harmful firing creates Central Sensitization and is seen with Asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia along with other musculoskeletal and visceral symptoms.

The research shows that the moment any joint becomes hypo mobile it is subject to the above-mentioned tissue and neurological changes within the first 10 days. Those tissue changes are reversible if the hypo mobile joint is mobilized in that specific 10 day time period. If the joint is not mobilized within that window of time, then this sets up progressive degenerative changes. At any time after those 10 days the degenerative changes do responded favorably to hands on mobilization.

Dr. Bloom is a Chiropractor and she is well aware that Chiropractors specialize in locating where joints are hypo mobile, with the intention of increasing as much motion as possible back into the joint. What I am hoping you will receive from my synopsis of Dr. Bloom’s lecture is that anyone from age 0 to 100+ should consider seeking immediate hands on attention when there has been any trauma that may have created a hypo mobile joint. That immediate restoration of joint mobility can help prevent future degenerative, neurological and visceral problems. For those traumas that one has not gotten immediate attention for, there still are major health benefits from receiving chiropractic care for those joints that have begun to set up degenerative changes.

As a side note I would like to explain a hypo mobile joint and how it can get that way. Each joint has some level of movement and when it looses any of that motion it becomes hypo mobile. There are a few different kinds of joints in the body and here are some examples. The bones in the head are plates and they join together as sutures. These sutures have very minimal motion, but they are supposed to move. These sutures can get jammed (hypo mobile) from getting bumped or hit on the head, when the head hits the birth canal during labor, when the head is being grabbed by forceps or when being grabbed by the doctor’s hands during a c-section. So very early on one can experience hypo mobility of the sutures in the head. A hinge style joint is quite different from a suture and is found in the jaw. This too can become hypo mobile during the delivery process, as well as from dental procedures, wearing braces, grinding/ clenching, chewing on one side. The jaw is very important and when it is hypo mobile that can cause the neck, spine and other joints to tighten. Another example of a joint is the synovial; which is found in the spine and the extremities. These joints are supposed to move in many directions and can become hypo mobile during the delivery process, accidents, falls, slips, sprains, strains, sports injury, repetitive movements, poor posture, lifting incorrectly and other events. It is also important to note that all joints of the body can become hypo mobile if the body is inflamed. Inflammation can occur from reaction to certain foods, viruses, bacteria, allergens, toxins and other chemicals. The inflammation causes the muscles to go into spasm and that is what can make a joint hypo mobile.

You can see Dr. Bloom’s educational video’s by going to youtube.com/neurodocuniverse


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