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Dr. Schuster Interviewed on Adler’s Alley
May 1, 2013

I have my own t.v. Show called “What’s Your Story?” which is broadcast through Evanston’s Cable Access T.V. Station,, and youtube.

I became interested in having my own show about 7 years ago after being interviewed by Oscar Adler on his show “Adler’s Alley”. Recently Mr. Adler asked me to come back as a guest on his show; which is broadcast through the facilities of the Highland Park Cable Access station. Mr. Adler asked me to explain about chiropractic care for adults, children and pregnant women. He also asked me to sing, which I did acappella.

The very beginning of the show, features music for the Memphis Jazz Band performing “In The Court of King Oliver”, which is my father’s band. Hope you enjoy!