Bringing Chiropractic to Kenya

I just read an article in Dynamic Chiropractic about local chiropractor, Dr. Warren Bruhl from Glencoe. I met him years ago at a pediatric conference and was interested to read that in 2012 he went to east Africa for two weeks, providing chiropractic care to the native Massai people. Here is my synopsis of the article.

Until this trip no chiropractor had ever visited the Massai in east Africa and lay their hands on to help these people that are riddled with diseases such as 85% of the population is HIV Positive, many have tuberculosis, fungal infections, bacterial proliferations and many other intense health issues. As a chiropractor, Dr. Bruehl knows the incredible power of hands on healing to help the body express itself more fully. Through this healing art he was able to make a difference in how these people felt and in helping them to see that health is more than just popping a pill or having surgery.

Dr. Bruhl is the founding director of Dreamweaver International, a nonprofit charity that provides education, medical and human services to some third world countries. The opportunity for Dr. Bruehl to provide chiropractic care on this health care mission to the remote Mount Kilimanjaro valley in Kenya, east Africa, opened enormous possibility. According to him the native Massai live in one of the harshest, yet most beautiful scenic wonders in the world, and they also know immense hardship and pain.

Normally the Massai are a guarded culture and it is difficult to get close to these people yet Dr. Bruehl has had family in the area for 20 years and built relationships in the community. Initially as the clinics developed he was working with nurses, as well as osteopathic doctors and students, allowing for a multidisciplinary team. With all of these diverse therapies results were what counted and one of the male Massai nurses was deeply impressed how chiropractic was able to help the people with the pain that they normally were used to enduring. This nurse desired to learn these chiropractic methods so that he could help his people when Dr. Bruehl was not there during the year.

Dr. Bruehl has plans to return to Kenya and develop clinics that run more frequently through out the year. The work of this clinic has been such a success that there are plans to build a local hospital. The goal is to incorporate an interdisciplinary aspect to healing in this hospital; which Dr. Bruehl is excited to be a part of. Dr. Bruehl also has a humanitarian program called Gear for Goals and plans to set up some Little League Baseball programs in Kenya as another way to positively affect their lives.

Dr. Bruehl felt honored to work with these people especially since he could feel the intense physical strain in their bodies and was able to help them through hands on chiropractic care. He is very excited to continue to bring chiropractic and his other humanitarian programs to this part of the world.

If you want to read the entire article please go to:


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