A Biofeedback Device For The Jaw

I recently discussed the jaw and how clenching or grinding of the teeth can create problems with headaches, neck pain, ear pain, tooth pain or pain in other parts of the body. Those that have come in to the office for me to work on their jaw have reported great results. Along with working on my patients I also give them a sheet of exercises to do at home in between visits as a way to help reduce clenching and grinding during the day and while sleeping. Even though this approach has been very successful I recently came across something that is used for the jaw that I wanted to share with you.

There now is a biofeedback devise that one wears while they sleep. It fits around the temples and is battery operated to beep when it senses the muscles tighten during clenching or grinding of the teeth. Initially one would wear this devise during the day then clench or grind their teeth to set off a beeping sound. Then they are to relax their jaw and this stops the beeping noise. Doing this during the day a few times helps train the brain to stop clenching or grinding at night without the sound of the beeper waking them up.

Many people wear a night guard and this stops them from destroying their teeth yet it does not stop them from grinding or clenching. Even though I am very pleased that my patients have received relief from the work that we have been doing in the office; this device may be great for stubborn cases. Here is a video that further explains this biofeedback system for the jaw. http://stopgrinding.com/index.htm


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