Help an a 11 Year Old Girl do Cartwheels

This story is in honor of Spring, Passover, Easter and Greek Easter. If one looks at this time collectively it seems to represent new beginnings, rebirth, the good and the not so good in life and being set free. What a magical and reflective time this can be for all of us: body, mind and soul.

This time of year reminded me of an 11-year-old girl who was having a hard time running, walking and doing other physical activities. This was especially hard as she normally had a lot of energy and loved to release it through playful activities both inside and outside.

When she first came into my office I looked at her posture and noticed that she could not stand with her feet close together. She had to stand with her feet very wide apart with one foot way ahead of the other. I then checked her spine and the other joints of the body to see where all of her restrictions were. After that I performed the chiropractic adjustments of the different joints that were restricted each time that she came in.

Around the fourth visit she was beaming and told me that she was able to do a cartwheel and to run on the playground with her friends. I felt so excited to be able to help set her free to be active and playful again.


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