Help with ADD

The other day a patient of mine asked me if chiropractic could help with her son’s ADD? His behavior was getting to the point where she was about to talk with his pediatrician; however she did not want him on medication, so she was interested in looking at alternative treatments. I explained to her that yes chiropractic is an excellent way to help calm the nervous system and that our profession is successful with ADD.

Her son happened to be with her at the appointment and luckily I had time after her visit to see him. While he, his mother and I talked about his history he was squirming all over the place and could not sit still on my chiropractic table. I found out that he was grinding his teeth while sleeping and explained that I would be working on his spine as well as his jaw to help calm his nervous system. I also told him he would need to begin taking magnesium twice a day as another way to keep his system calm and that we may add more supplements later. I also showed him how to do EFT tapping as a way to calm himself down anywhere, any time.

After talking I lay him face down to adjust his spine and fairly quickly he lay there without squirming. Next I turned him over to work on his neck and jaw while also showing him some jaw stretches to do at home. Then we finished with him sitting on my stool, while I used a laser to help his body produce endorphins. This is a special laser that helps retrain the nervous and immune systems to not be so reactive to foods and other possible stimulants.

When he was finished, his mom was amazed at how calm he was. I then asked him what he felt like inside from a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 was crazy. He said when he first came in he felt like a 7 or 8 and then when we ended he felt like a 1 or a 2. I told both he and his mom that the plan was to come in regularly to train his nervous system to not get flared up so easily. Then once that happens on a daily basis he can come in monthly as a way to maintain peace and calmness, especially during the school year. They both were excited with the plan and he now loves coming in for his calming adjustments.


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