All Those Adjustments Helped My Labor

Here is a testimonial that I received on Monday 2/4/13 from of one of my patients:

“I just wanted to let you know that I DID indeed go into full active labor that same day after I got the adjustment. I labored at home quite a bit and then some at the hospital, we went in at about 6:30PM. The delivery was incredibly fast and much different than the one I had with my first son. This little guy practically slid out of me and it only took me four pushes! I definitely believe all those adjustments helped! My second son was born at 3:21 am and weighed in at 7lbs. 13oz!”

My patient saw me through out her entire pregnancy and was in labor for five hours before she came in for her adjustment that Monday morning. The labor was on and off every 15 – 20 minutes and then stopped completely. Then after the adjustment she went to her car and the labor came on again every 10 minutes. She continued to labor at home by walking around, sitting on a birth ball and also by leaning on her husband to help her sway through the intensity. Once she got to the hospital she was not not fully dilated so they had her walk around for a few more hours. She then had an epidural and was able to relax and dilated from 3cm – 7cm. Then 20 minutes later she pushed 4 times and gave birth to her son.

My patient said the staff at the hospital was quite surprised at how fast her son came. What the hospital staff was not aware of is that one study showed that women who received chiropractic care through their pregnancy had 24% shorter labor than those who did not receive chiropractic care AND women who had given birth more than once (multiparous) reported 39% shorter labor times when they received chiropractic care during their pregnancy.

The one regret my patient had was that she did not have a doula for this birth. She felt the doula would have been able to help her through the pain, as her husband was only able to do so much. Her newborn son is nursing; calm and sleeping well and both mom and baby came in one week after the delivery for their adjustment.


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