A Helpful Hint for Doggy Diarrhea

Recently I was sent an email asking if there was anything holistic that could be used to help with diarrhea in a dog? I am not a Vet yet do have experience with diarrhea in my own dog Mason. Over the course of three and a half years I have had to bring him to the Animal Hospital twice. He would begin with diarrhea and then over the course of a few days it would get very severe with bloody stool and bloody vomit. Each time this happened I took him to the Animal Hospital where he stayed over night so they could monitor and treat him with medication and fluids. The third time that Mason began to have loose stools I wanted to prevent him from going down this path. Thankfully a combination of probiotics and homeopathic remedies helped stop him from getting the severe bloody diarrhea.

Based on my experience I recommended a product called Florastor. This is found at any local drugstore and many medical doctors recommend it when they prescribe antibiotics; to help with diarrhea and other side effects of that medication. Florastor contains both nutritional yeast and acidophilus to balance the microflora in the intestines. The woman bought the Florastor and here is what she emailed back to me.

“The Florastor was amazing. I was having some work done in my home and my husband moved my plants. They were in a ‘safe place’ from the dogs and he moved them to an area where my boy [German Shepherd] was able to get to it. He was eating the dirt; which has plant food in it and the plant food is not dog friendly; which is why I had the plants concealed in a ‘safe place’. It did not come to mind that this is what caused the diarrhea until my husband told me he caught him eating it. It was then that we knew why he was so sick with diarrhea. It was ugly too and his stool was so loose I was ready to take him to the emergency room. It got a little better and then it started up again.”

“I emailed you because we spoke of his being prone to diarrhea and after emailing you I started administering the Florastor pills. I gave it to him for two days and according to the package, I could give up to 2 pills per meal so that is what I did. On the third day I made a mistake and gave him some rich food –Ground chuck and rice. This started the loose stool again so I reverted back to the 2 pills per meal for 2 days and gave him rice only for a day.”

“The next day he was playing and running around the house with my girl dog [also a German Shepherd]. His stool was more solid but less of it. The next day I gave him dry food with rice and the stool was still solid. He is now on dry food with vegetables like always and his stool is still solid. Needless to say, the plants have been moved back to the ‘safe place’ and all is well.”

I am so glad the Florastor helped this woman’s German shepherd. As for my own dog Mason I continue to give him probiotics and digestive enzymes twice a day and so far his stools remain normal.


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