Reflux, Nausea, and Hiatal Hernia

Reflux, nausea and hiatal hernia may not be something that you typically think of going to the chiropractor for; however, over the years I have had patients that were pleasantly surprised from the relief they felt with Chiropractic.

The most recent case was a woman who had severe hiatal hernia symptoms for 5 years and had been on numerous medications, without any relief. The few months before she came in consisted of some of the worst symptoms she ever had. Because she had been diagnosed with the Hiatal Hernia I initiated the treatment with her in the standing position and worked at the top of the abdomen to help release the hernia that gets stuck under the ribs by the diaphragm and stomach.

I then had her lay face down and worked on her spine to help stop the nerves that go from the back into the stomach and digestive organs from over firing. I had her turn on her back and then worked on the neck as the nerves there affect the vagus nerve; which has direct connection with the stomach. I then ended by putting essential oils of peppermint and lavender over her stomach and doing some massage in that area.

At her next visit she said that she woke up the next day after her first adjustment and her symptoms were gone. She had been able to eat and not have the burning and the pressure feeling. She started to get some of the symptoms back but they were so much better and she was astonished that my working on her helped when the medications did not.

At home I had her massage the essential oils on her stomach, lay on the miracle balls to calm the nerves going to the back and also recommended Alka-Aid; which helps to reduce acidity. This patient was in her 70’s yet many pregnant women have come to me who were nauseous and or had reflux and babies have been helped with chiropractic too.

Working on patients to help digestive symptoms feels so gratifying because most of the medications that are used for this are toxic to the body. They also prevent essential vitamins and minerals from being absorbed and this is why one should find other ways to manage these symptoms.


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