Choosing Optimism over Pessimism

I was watching a show on public television about happiness and one of the people being interviewed was a young man who became paralyzed after he broke his neck jumping into a lake.  In an instant he became a college graduate whose whole life was ahead of him to not being able to do anything for himself. 

Initially this was very hard for him as others had to bathe him and feed him and he felt embarrassed.  His spirit was low and he saw how easy it was to fall prey to the negative chatter in his head.  This made him feel horrible and he decided to change these negative thoughts.  He commented that it is hard work to stay positive yet worth the diligence.

At first he was completely paralyzed and could not do anything for himself.  He began rehab and worked very hard to be in a wheel chair and use a computer. He also was having some issues with his skin and noticed that none of the traditional therapies were working.  He began using the computer to research other remedies that could help and came across essential oils.

He then bought some essential oils and began to make up his own blends that he used on himself as well as his family and friends.  Because he was getting great results and many were asking for his help, he started his own Essential Oil Company.  Now he travels and is very busy and feels very fulfilled with the company that he created.

He explained that he still is the same guy he was before his accident with the same feelings, ideas, humor, love of family and life and that he has made the best of this situation and continues to do so. 

I adore inspirational stories and hope that this man’s sentiments stick with you.  I am hopeful that along with any goals you make for yourself that you also promise to be more mindful of choosing optimistic thoughts starting now and diligently sticking with it always.


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