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A Helpful Hint for Doggy Diarrhea
January 30, 2013

Recently I was sent an email asking if there was anything holistic that could be used to help with diarrhea in a dog? I am not a Vet yet do have experience with diarrhea in my own dog Mason. Over the course of three and a half years I have had to bring him to the Animal Hospital twice. He would begin with diarrhea and then over the course of a few days it would get very severe with bloody stool and bloody vomit. Each time this happened I took him to the Animal Hospital where he stayed over night so they could monitor and treat him with medication and fluids. The third time that Mason began to have loose stools I wanted to prevent him from going down this path. Thankfully a combination of probiotics and homeopathic remedies helped stop him from getting the severe bloody diarrhea.

Based on my experience I recommended a product called Florastor. This is found at any local drugstore and many medical doctors recommend it when they prescribe antibiotics; to help with diarrhea and other side effects of that medication. Florastor contains both nutritional yeast and acidophilus to balance the microflora in the intestines. The woman bought the Florastor and here is what she emailed back to me.

“The Florastor was amazing. I was having some work done in my home and my husband moved my plants. They were in a ‘safe place’ from the dogs and he moved them to an area where my boy [German Shepherd] was able to get to it. He was eating the dirt; which has plant food in it and the plant food is not dog friendly; which is why I had the plants concealed in a ‘safe place’. It did not come to mind that this is what caused the diarrhea until my husband told me he caught him eating it. It was then that we knew why he was so sick with diarrhea. It was ugly too and his stool was so loose I was ready to take him to the emergency room. It got a little better and then it started up again.”

“I emailed you because we spoke of his being prone to diarrhea and after emailing you I started administering the Florastor pills. I gave it to him for two days and according to the package, I could give up to 2 pills per meal so that is what I did. On the third day I made a mistake and gave him some rich food –Ground chuck and rice. This started the loose stool again so I reverted back to the 2 pills per meal for 2 days and gave him rice only for a day.”

“The next day he was playing and running around the house with my girl dog [also a German Shepherd]. His stool was more solid but less of it. The next day I gave him dry food with rice and the stool was still solid. He is now on dry food with vegetables like always and his stool is still solid. Needless to say, the plants have been moved back to the ‘safe place’ and all is well.”

I am so glad the Florastor helped this woman’s German shepherd. As for my own dog Mason I continue to give him probiotics and digestive enzymes twice a day and so far his stools remain normal.


Reflux, Nausea, and Hiatal Hernia
January 26, 2013

Reflux, nausea and hiatal hernia may not be something that you typically think of going to the chiropractor for; however, over the years I have had patients that were pleasantly surprised from the relief they felt with Chiropractic.

The most recent case was a woman who had severe hiatal hernia symptoms for 5 years and had been on numerous medications, without any relief. The few months before she came in consisted of some of the worst symptoms she ever had. Because she had been diagnosed with the Hiatal Hernia I initiated the treatment with her in the standing position and worked at the top of the abdomen to help release the hernia that gets stuck under the ribs by the diaphragm and stomach.

I then had her lay face down and worked on her spine to help stop the nerves that go from the back into the stomach and digestive organs from over firing. I had her turn on her back and then worked on the neck as the nerves there affect the vagus nerve; which has direct connection with the stomach. I then ended by putting essential oils of peppermint and lavender over her stomach and doing some massage in that area.

At her next visit she said that she woke up the next day after her first adjustment and her symptoms were gone. She had been able to eat and not have the burning and the pressure feeling. She started to get some of the symptoms back but they were so much better and she was astonished that my working on her helped when the medications did not.

At home I had her massage the essential oils on her stomach, lay on the miracle balls to calm the nerves going to the back and also recommended Alka-Aid; which helps to reduce acidity. This patient was in her 70’s yet many pregnant women have come to me who were nauseous and or had reflux and babies have been helped with chiropractic too.

Working on patients to help digestive symptoms feels so gratifying because most of the medications that are used for this are toxic to the body. They also prevent essential vitamins and minerals from being absorbed and this is why one should find other ways to manage these symptoms.

Tap Out Of It
January 16, 2013

Do you remember the scene in Moonstruck, where Cher slaps Nicholas Cage? (I loved that movie! You can watch that slap here.)

My title for this post is a play on the words from that movie and the “tap” in “tap out of it”, has to do with a Technique called (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique; which is a powerful approach that helps resolve emotional and physical distress. EFT works by having the recipient “tune into” a negative emotion, tap a set of acupressure treatment points and perform other energy balancing exercises to help the mind/body heal itself. This process can take from five minutes to an hour depending on the number of separate emotional parts of a feeling or a memory; which need to be treated.

A Stanford engineer named Gary Craig developed EFT. He had a life long interest in helping people become more successful and eventually became a personal performance coach. In the early 90’s he studied Thought Field TherapyTM with its discoverer, Roger Callahan, Ph.D., a psychologist.

Dr. Callahan undertook a study of the application of a technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK) to the treatment of phobias and published what he learned in his first book, in 1985, Five Minute Phobia Cure. He discovered that, not only phobias, but also most emotional distress could be relieved. He used AK to assess which energy meridians needed treatment and then applied treatment to those meridians.

Nick Ortner, author of “The Tapping Solution” has expanded on the work of Dr. Callahan and Gary Craig. His organization holds Tapping World Summits; which allows people all over the planet to have access to this elegant technique. To get an understanding of what this technique is I have included a link to a video that demonstrates Mr. Ortner tapping with world-renowned author and mind/body guru Louise Hay.

In the 1970’s Ms. Hay wrote the book, Heal Your Body, which offers positive new thought patterns to replace negative emotions. She has been an inspiration to many and has sold 50 Million of her books. WOW! Hopefully you will enjoy this video as much as I did and if you have any mind/body issues perhaps you can “Tap Out Of It!”

Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy
January 9, 2013

For a few years I have been recommending the Miracle Ball Method for patients to use at home in between adjustments. This method lengthens the spine and the muscles of the body, helping to reduce pain, enhance flexibility and improve posture. One can use the small, cushiony balls very simply by placing them on either side of the spine and laying on each area for a few minutes or one can go in depth and use this very gentle exercise method to create lots of change in their body. I use them regularly at night before sleeping to help realign my body from my days work. I love them and my patients tell me they love them too.

I found them at my local Barnes and Noble and noticed a few months back that the same company made a kit for Pregnant Women (the kit comes with a booklet and 2 balls). This kit is similar to the Miracle Ball Method but the booklet has more specific information for pregnant women. The booklet explains how the method can help with pregnancy related pain, reduce labor discomfort, improve post partum recovery and help with the discomforts associated with breastfeeding. I began recommending the kit to my pregnant women to use in between adjustments and moms have said their backs are staying looser in between visits. One mom said she could understand how they would be very helpful to use after her baby was born.

The woman who invented this method is Elaine Petrone and I think you will enjoy this 2-minute video of her explaining and demonstrating the Pregnancy balls. Here is Ms. Petrone’s video:

Choosing Optimism over Pessimism
January 2, 2013

I was watching a show on public television about happiness and one of the people being interviewed was a young man who became paralyzed after he broke his neck jumping into a lake.  In an instant he became a college graduate whose whole life was ahead of him to not being able to do anything for himself. 

Initially this was very hard for him as others had to bathe him and feed him and he felt embarrassed.  His spirit was low and he saw how easy it was to fall prey to the negative chatter in his head.  This made him feel horrible and he decided to change these negative thoughts.  He commented that it is hard work to stay positive yet worth the diligence.

At first he was completely paralyzed and could not do anything for himself.  He began rehab and worked very hard to be in a wheel chair and use a computer. He also was having some issues with his skin and noticed that none of the traditional therapies were working.  He began using the computer to research other remedies that could help and came across essential oils.

He then bought some essential oils and began to make up his own blends that he used on himself as well as his family and friends.  Because he was getting great results and many were asking for his help, he started his own Essential Oil Company.  Now he travels and is very busy and feels very fulfilled with the company that he created.

He explained that he still is the same guy he was before his accident with the same feelings, ideas, humor, love of family and life and that he has made the best of this situation and continues to do so. 

I adore inspirational stories and hope that this man’s sentiments stick with you.  I am hopeful that along with any goals you make for yourself that you also promise to be more mindful of choosing optimistic thoughts starting now and diligently sticking with it always.