Chiropractic and Colic

ScienceDaily came out with an article on 12/12/12 that Manipulative Therapies May Be Beneficial Treatment for Infantile Colic.  The Cochrane Library published a systematic review; which assessed six randomized trials involving a total of 325 infants who received manipulative treatment or had been part of a control group.

The results of five studies measuring the number of hours that colicky babies cried each day showed statistically significant findings where crying was reduced by an average of one hour and 12 minutes per day through manipulative therapy.  The parents in the study did know whether their infant was receiving treatment or not. 

Infantile colic is the most common complaint seen by physicians within the first 16 weeks of birth.  The excessive crying that occurs with colic brings a lot of stress to the family and many physicians will intervene to try to help reduce this.  I have had my share of mothers bring in their baby who won’t stop crying and the manipulation has helped many of the infants throughout the years. 

Some babies get results immediately and some need more persistent care.  With the more stubborn cases I recommend that the mom also receive manipulation and that her diet and or any formulas she is using be addressed for possible food sensitivities.  There also are some natural remedies that can be used for the baby and I also do recommend that the parents learn how to do Infant Massage at home. 

The goal is to do everything possible to create peace for baby and family!


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