Natural Remedies for a Cold

Last week I received a request for Natural Remedies that can help a cold.  I can tell you that I hate being sick especially when am trying to sleep at night with a stuffy nose, therefore will let you know what helps me and my patients.  The main thing is to be persistent and see what combination of remedies works best for you.
Every day along with my multiple vitamins, magnesium and other supplements I take 2 specific remedies every day that help keep me from getting sick.  The first is a capsule of Probiotics; which contains 15 Billion acidophilus and bifidophilus.  (We have trillions of microorganisms in our body). Taking probiotics every day inoculates the body with healthy microorganisms; which thrive in wet moist areas such as the gut and sinuses. Every day I also take one capsule of Grapefruit Seed Extract to help get rid of excess yeast, mold, bacteria and viruses.  NOW here is the KEY!  I take those two every day and yet the minute that I begin to feel a tickle in my throat I increase the dose to 8 or more of both every day until I feel better. Typically by the next morning or the day after I am back to normal. 

For adults and kids who don’t swallow capsules the Probiotic, found in the
refrigerated section of the health food store, can be opened and put into
yogurt, applesauce, coconut milk, oatmeal, etc… The Grapefruit Seed Extract does comes in a liquid form and one capsule is equivalent to about 30 drops. It is very bitter and would taste horrendous to put 30 drops into a glass of water or juice.  Instead use a few drops in all liquids you drink through out the day. You can also use the liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract in a Netty Pot; which helps bathe the sinuses and clears away mold, bacteria and viruses.
Here are a few other remedies that have helped my patients. Many can be found in the children’s sections of the health food store:
1.)Elderberry Extract (Sambucol) is an herb that has been studied by an Israeli Virologist and comes in either capsule or liquid.  This should be taken as directed on the bottle the minute one begins to feel sick.
2.)Monolaurin has the same properties that mother’s breast milk has to improve a child’s immune system.  This is in capsule form and can take 300mg or 600mg a few times a day when are sick.  One can use daily if have a history of cold sores or other chronic viruses.
3.)Some people do very well with German homeopathic remedies such as Alpha Cold and Flu, Oscillococcinum and other cold remedies found in the homeopathic section of the health food store.  These come in pellet format and dissolve easily under the tongue every few hours during the day at the onset of feeling a cold come on. There are homeopathic Zinc Lozenges that work well too.
4.)Vitamin D 400IU – 5000IU.  This comes in capsules or liquid form.  This should be taken daily to help keep the immune system strong. Can double or triple the dose when have a cold.
5.)Garlic on the bottom of the foot.  Yes that is correct I have had moms take a clove of garlic when their child was not feeling well, tape the peeled clove onto the bottom of the foot while their child was asleep and this has helped them wake up the next day feeling a lot better. Can also add extra garlic to some chicken soup. (Instead of garlic I use Detox Foot Pads; which are pads with herbs in them that one places on the bottom of the foot while sleeping. Often the next day they are wet and smelly from pulling out toxins overnight. I found them to be very helpful quite a few years back when I was feeling under the weather consistently.  After a few months of using them daily they seemed to clear a lot of toxins from my body and now I only use if I feel a cold come on, color my hair, eat too much sweets, dairy or alcohol.)
6.)Essential Oils are often antibacterial so use a few drops of lavender,
peppermint, or any oil you like the smell of. There also is a mix called Thieves and that is a recipe from the Medieval Times developed to help avoid the Plague. Mix a few drops of essential oils with some lotion then massage on the neck, spine and bottom of the feet. This drains the lymph; helps open the sinuses and feels so good.   Some kids don’t like the feel of minty oils so lavender or citrus oils work well too.
7.)Make sure to look at one’s diet as a culprit.  People often develop food
sensitivities that can lower their immune system and make them chronically sick. You may need to look at dairy, sugar, gluten or other foods that one eats regularly.  One can eliminate these foods until one feels better then begin to slowly add foods back in moderation.  There are blood tests to see what foods one has sensitivities to and or there also are energy medicine machines that work with food sensitivities as well.  I have had people who were very reactive and then were able to add foods back into their diet with this energy medicine protocol.
I have found that most remedies work best at the onset of a cold so if you are in the middle of a full blown cold take the remedies; however it may still take time to run its course.  I think the key is a daily regimen of taking
Probiotics, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin D, and a Multiple Vitamin.  You can add other remedies as listed above when begin to feel sick and also increase the dose of the Probiotics and Grapefruit Seed Extract the moment you feel a cold come on.


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