He’s Happy Again

Last week one of my toddlers came to see me because he had fallen out of his crib while no one was in the room.  His mother said he cried like she had never heard him cry before.  Then later that day his grandmother took him to one of his tumbling classes and she noticed that he was having trouble moving his neck fully, was holding onto his back and was even limping a little.  He also was not in his typical happy mood.

He walked into my office, went to the toy box and grabbed the toys he likes to hold onto during his adjustment.  I had him lay on his stomach while I started at his hips and made my way up his spine and then his neck.  I was feeling misalignments all over and explained that he must have twisted a lot and landed funny when he fell. He lay there for a good chunk of time and about half way through the session my little patient started laughing and talking and getting gigglier.  His grandmother, who brought him in said, “He’s happy again and is acting like his old self.”  She noticed the change in his mood and was excited and relieved by that.

He is not the first child that has been brought to me because of a fall that not only made the child cry or created pain but also altered their mood.  They always seem go back to their happy self during the adjustment.  Imagine if everyone got adjusted regularly then perhaps we could all be happy more consistently. “Don’t worry, be happy, get adjusted!”

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