The Baby Slept

Last week I received a message from one of my patients: The baby slept 5 and 1/2 hours last night.  Whatever you did was amazing.  The message made me smile and I imagined how calm the family must have been feeling because of that.

The woman who left the message was the grandmother of the baby and she and her daughter have been coming to me for at least 20 years.  The daughter was a toddler when I first started adjusting her and now she is a young woman with her own baby boy. He was born in the middle of October and she brought him in for an adjustment to see how his spine looked because he was not sleeping and not wanting to stop nursing.

I first picked him up, looked into his eyes and smiled at his beautiful face, then sat down and placed him face down onto my lap.  This is a nice way to access the spine and begin to feel where any restrictions may be.  Then I carried him to my table, lay him on a blanket face down and began to gently work my way up his spine with my fingers and hold contact where his spine needed more mobility.  I turned him over and went to his hips, diaphragm and then to his neck.  He smiled when I went to his neck and his grandma commented on that.

I then handed him to grandma and had the new mom get onto the table because babies are like barometers and very sensitive.  If mom is out of alignment and not at her best this transfers to the baby and can continue to create an unhealthy cycle.  I find it best to work on both during the visit and to continue working together on a regular basis to maintain a deep level of calm. 

I feel blessed to do what I do and that many generations trust me to work with their children and grandchildren. 


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