Head Butt Injuries

Last week a patient of mine came to me because he was suffering symptoms after head butting the ball while playing soccer.  He had been playing soccer over the weekend and as soon as his head hit the ball he could tell it did not feel right.  He usually is very mindful how he sets himself up but this time it was different.  He then began to feel symptoms starting in his head, ears, some dizziness/fuzziness, not quite right and then it traveled into his back.  He tried to release it himself with the miracle balls yet that was not helping the way he needed so he came in for chiropractic alignment. 

I worked on all of the joints in his back, spine, and neck and then onto the plates in his head.  He really jammed himself and I was determined to help him feel better.  While working on him I couldn’t help but think that this is a grown man who can articulate when he does not feel right.  He knows the benefits of chiropractic and chose to come in to get natural help first to get to the root of the cause. 

Imagine how a baby may feel who had a difficult delivery, or a very young child falling and hitting their head.  They can’t explain to others how they feel the way my adult patient did, yet they can exhibit excessive crying, or get real quiet, moody, runny nose, even digestive or sleep disturbances.  How about the young athlete who may not understand why they feel different after a head injury?  They may start to decline in school or begin to have more mood swings, sinus issues or other symptoms and not realize what the cause was. 

Only about 15% of the population goes to a chiropractor and even fewer bring in their children for care.  Imagine how many more kids and adults could feel there best if 100% of our population were educated to choose chiropractic first when they didn’t feel right. 

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