Did You Know?

Did You Know that October is National Chiropractic Health Month? 

This year’s theme is “Find Your Game”; which is especially relevant with how many chiropractors were involved with the athletes at the London Olympics this year.  Throughout the years chiropractors have utilized hands on care along with ergonomic and nutritional recommendations to help people of all athletic levels “Find Their Game”.  Famous athletes endorse chiropractic for helping with the recovery of injuries and with enhancing overall performance.  The NFL and other professional sports teams have welcomed chiropractic physicians to help team players. Chiropractors over the country work with their local children’s sports teams and each chiropractor works individually with their patients to help them “Find Their Own Game”. 

Did You Know that chiropractic was included in a NASA expert panel? 

In the summer of 2012 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) addressed the heightened risk of musculoskeletal injuries threatening astronauts, and discussed its concerns during a Spinal Deconditioning Injury Risk Summit.  Chiropractic Physician Dr. John Mayer said “Deconditioning, the breakdown of the spine’s musculoskeletal support system, is a very common and serious condition occurring in astronauts.”  A multidisciplinary panel addressed various issues and NASA expects to develop new measures to counteract spinal deterioration in space crews, based on the panel’s recommendations. 

Did You Know that Chiropractic Neurology was featured on Nightline? 

Dr. Ted Carrick, president of the American Chiropractic’s Council on Neurology was featured on “Nightline” for his work with traumatic brain injury patients.  Dr. Carrick’s treatment involves re-activating neural pathways in the brain by stimulating other parts of the body.  Dr. Carrick pioneered several methods used by other chiropractic neurologists and he also played a leading role in helping NHL All-Star Sidney Crosby recover from a season–ending concussion.


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