Movie Review of Doctored

 I saw the documentary Doctored and felt excited by the potential it could have on our nation.  I know that right now the goal of showing this documentary in a few select theatres is so that it can be up for the Academy Awards this year.  The producers plan to do massive campaigning so they may get picked up by all movie theatres, Public Television, Net Flicks, other venues and to sell DVD’s nationwide.

The impact of this movie could be huge as only 10% or so of the population look for alternative care.  People are hungry for ways to manage their health issues and this documentary can begin to answer questions and to inspire more people to seek alternative health care professionals.

Many topics were covered including footage of the Chiropractors who sued the AMA and won, the journeys of adult and pediatric patients with mainstream medicine and alternative care, organic farming versus Genetically Modified Foods, the famous Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who has helped many cancer patients, holistic therapy for Lyme Disease, holistic medical doctors being interviewed, famous athletes explaining how chiropractic helped them with recovery / performance and more.

The message is use non-invasive modalities first with surgery and or medication if needed.  This model increases the overall health of people, reduces over medicating and significantly reduces the costs of health care.  One example was of a chiropractor whose son was born a few months prematurely.  The chiropractor was very thankful for the emergency medical care that helped keep his son alive; however he was not in agreement with the mainstream doctors prognosis of his son nor of their recommendations to keep his son on medication for life.  The chiropractor took matters into his own hands and began working on his infant while he lay in the incubator.  As a result of the continued chiropractic adjustments his infant son was able to get off of medication after the acute phase and is now a healthy functioning young boy.

Just yesterday I spoke with a young woman who is not happy with the answers she has received from all of the experts.  She knows something is not right and is ready to consult with alternative practitioners.  She is not alone with her story and I would love this documentary to inspire thousands more to seek alternative practitioners and therapies.


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