A Chiropractic Movie.

September 21st is the New York premiere of the movie “Doctored” and Jeff Hayes is the executive producer of this documentary.  Mr. Hayes also produced “On Native Soil”, “Farenhype 9/11” and other works.  The documentary encourages the public to take charge of their health even if they don’t want to and to consider alternatives to the traditional medical model.  Currently the traditional medical model is “drugs and surgery first, chiropractic and other alternative therapies last.” 

One of the goals of this documentary is for the public to be aware that there are other philosophies that are needed in our current health care system.  Patients rarely question the care that they are prescribed and Mr. Hayes wants to encourage more interaction.  During the film a few patients are followed during their course of care and health professionals are interviewed including chiropractors. Mr. Hayes wants to make sure that chiropractors have a seat at the medical model table when people with chronic illness want to know what they can do to better help themselves.  Is there a way of being healthier?  How come this kind of treatment and philosophy is not well known? Perhaps because of this documentary patients will consider going to a chiropractor first and then using drugs and surgery after that if all things fail. 

Mr. Hayes was inspired to tell the story of the American Medical Association’s conspiracy against the chiropractic profession, culminating in the Wilk vs. AMA trial, after learning about it from his chiropractor.  The documentary goes into further detail about this trial. On a personal level Mr. Hayes had been put on blood pressure medication 20 years ago and never skipped a day.  Once he started this documentary and began his interviews someone said to him, “Have you ever looked at why your body has high blood pressure?”  He said the thought never occurred to him and this kind of dialogue and thought process is what he wants to encourage.  Mr. Hayes also wants his film to make an impact and inform the public about chiropractic.

In his own words Mr. Hayes said, “I couldn’t be more excited to do this documentary. In recent years my eyes have been opened to alternative healthcare options. The immediate increase in health I experienced personally after starting down this road is something I’ve just got to share with people.”

To see a preview of the movie go to: www.supportchiromovie.com


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