A Toddler’s Fever

Here is another reason why I love being in my profession.

 New things this mom learned from her chiropractor… a gentle adjustment and some fun hanging upside down can do wonders for a toddler’s fever!

My son got his first adjustment when he was a few months old from Dr. Schuster.  We talked about his sensitive skin and she recommended that I use a combination of probiotics and fish oil.  She also gave me some information to read and since I love to research I did my own fact finding on the Internet.  My pediatrician is very open-minded and was supportive of my using these nutritional supplements that Dr. Schuster had recommended. His skin in general was much clearer and whenever he would break out the homeopathic creams and supplements helped calm down his skin.

Over the past year each time we would see Dr. Schuster she would hold him upside down as one way to help realign the vertebrae in his spine and he would always laughs.  She also would use her fingers down his spine to keep his nervous system well connected.

Fast-forward a year later and my toddler is walking and climbing all over the place. One day he fell off the couch onto his head and I immediately thought of Dr. Schuster.  I called her because he was very cranky, had a high fever and was not acting like himself.  She recommended that I hang him upside down immediately like she usually does to help take pressure off of his spine and neck.  She also said to bring him over for a chiropractic adjustment.

I knew something was really wrong because when I tried to hang him upside down he was not happy!  Dr. Schuster worked his neck and spine and she too held him upside to help release his stuck vertebrae. His fever broke in the middle of the night the next morning.  I went in to nurse him and he was cooler, and just sweating it all out all of a sudden.  He hadn’t sweated at all for two days, but finally, he did.  I also was hanging him upside down all day after his adjustment and he was much more tolerant of it.  He was still a bit “sensitive”, but the next day I would say he was himself again.  Not too bad for his first “big” illness. 

Dr Schuster gave me some other tips; which I really appreciate including using arnica gel on his neck, spine and head.  She is a wonderful resource and support and calling upon her is a lot less stressful than calling/going to the medical doctor.  I don’t think they would have been able to do anything, anyways. 

Thanks so much Dr. Schuster! 


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