The Dizzy Doctor

Recently an existing patient of mine was diagnosed with Vertigo and wanted to know if I could help stop her dizziness.  I told her that I could help her and that I have worked successfully with other Vertigo patients through out the years.  I also let her know that I would combine the Epley maneuver with chiropractic care.

Medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists use the Epley Maneuver as a way to relocate free-floating particles in the inner ear.  The patient is moved from the seated position to the lying down position while their head is moved in different directions. This often causes the patient to feel dizzy, yet the maneuver has a reported success rate of 90% – 95%. 

If the patient also suffers from sinus congestion, has had a physical trauma or has been under emotional stress than Chiropractic alignment addresses these issues.  Working on the neck is very important when someone experiences Vertigo as this helps drain the sinuses and inner ear.  Chiropractic also induces relaxation and reduces overload from trauma.

Most patients will notice significant improvement in one to three visits.  I then instruct my patients to go home and lay on a rolled up towel with a heating pad.  This is very supportive of the neck and continues to induce relaxation.  Another at home tool that can be used in between visits is to apply an icy hot lotion onto the neck.

There are many Dizzy Doctors out there who help people that suffer from Vertigo and I feel blessed to be one of them.   


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