The Road To Happiness is Always Under Construction

As a chiropractor I like to educate how the body always strives to be in balance and is constantly reacting to its environment.  There are at least three factors that can affect this.  Structural, (posture, exercise, accidents, falls, bones, joints, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and lymph,) Chemical (food, minerals, vitamins, hormones, medications, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic chemicals) and then Emotional (self talk, faith, hope, inner drive, optimism, pessimism, social and home life satisfaction).

Emotional stress can lead to a plethora of physical ailments so it’s imperative to work on this aspect of ones life regularly for maintaining health and well being. The book “The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction” was written by Dr. Jeff and is an Action-Oriented model to help create happiness in one’s life.   This is different from the Laws of Attraction books that have become quite popular.  I like how the Law of Attraction instills looking within us and being aware of our self-talk.  If you rent the movie “What the Bleep”, this is a terrific movie about the Laws of Attraction.  I also like Action-Oriented models as well. How often have we heard a story where when someone is unemployed their self-esteem goes down yet once back in action their entire spirit is lifted? 

In my opinion the Law of Attraction should be balanced by Action.  If the body is always striving for balance then perhaps how we create a healthy emotional state should be in a balanced way as well. So how about balancing the Laws of Attraction with Action-Oriented philosophy? 

Dr. Jeff Miller, author of “The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction” is an Orthopedic Chiropractor, writer and speaker. I recently found out about him while listening to a lecture that he gave discussing orthopedic tests that are used to evaluate the hip, knee and ankle joints.   He has written many books and articles that are orthopedic in nature and then he wrote his book about happiness.  When I looked at the reviews of his book I knew that I wanted to share this with you.  To find out more click on the amazon link.


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