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The Dizzy Doctor
August 29, 2012

Recently an existing patient of mine was diagnosed with Vertigo and wanted to know if I could help stop her dizziness.  I told her that I could help her and that I have worked successfully with other Vertigo patients through out the years.  I also let her know that I would combine the Epley maneuver with chiropractic care.

Medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists use the Epley Maneuver as a way to relocate free-floating particles in the inner ear.  The patient is moved from the seated position to the lying down position while their head is moved in different directions. This often causes the patient to feel dizzy, yet the maneuver has a reported success rate of 90% – 95%. 

If the patient also suffers from sinus congestion, has had a physical trauma or has been under emotional stress than Chiropractic alignment addresses these issues.  Working on the neck is very important when someone experiences Vertigo as this helps drain the sinuses and inner ear.  Chiropractic also induces relaxation and reduces overload from trauma.

Most patients will notice significant improvement in one to three visits.  I then instruct my patients to go home and lay on a rolled up towel with a heating pad.  This is very supportive of the neck and continues to induce relaxation.  Another at home tool that can be used in between visits is to apply an icy hot lotion onto the neck.

There are many Dizzy Doctors out there who help people that suffer from Vertigo and I feel blessed to be one of them.   


Our Human Body is Amazing
August 15, 2012

The other day I was showing a patient a model of the human vertebrae including the disc and spinal cord.  I explained how the spinal cord releases nerves, arteries, veins and lymph from each vertebra to the muscles, organs, bones and tissues.  The structures from the spinal cord help with circulation, movement, immunity, communication with the brain and so many other functions that are extremely important to the body. 

When my patient saw the model and also heard my explanation the light went and she realized how amazing the human body truly is.  She had only felt this way with regards to nature, the cosmos and anything else that inhabits our planet.  She now realized that she could also be in awe of what makes everyone’s human body, including hers, so incredible.

Each of us has an intricate system within our body that works day and night without our telling it what to do.  The better we feed it, rest it, appreciate it and take care of it, can help us live a higher quality of life.

Here are a couple of vides you may enjoy: 

1.)This is a 41 second 3-D animation of how our thoughts and actions are reflected by the Nervous System.

2.)This is a 2-minute 3-D animation of the entire spine and skeleton.

The Road To Happiness is Always Under Construction
August 8, 2012

As a chiropractor I like to educate how the body always strives to be in balance and is constantly reacting to its environment.  There are at least three factors that can affect this.  Structural, (posture, exercise, accidents, falls, bones, joints, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and lymph,) Chemical (food, minerals, vitamins, hormones, medications, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic chemicals) and then Emotional (self talk, faith, hope, inner drive, optimism, pessimism, social and home life satisfaction).

Emotional stress can lead to a plethora of physical ailments so it’s imperative to work on this aspect of ones life regularly for maintaining health and well being. The book “The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction” was written by Dr. Jeff and is an Action-Oriented model to help create happiness in one’s life.   This is different from the Laws of Attraction books that have become quite popular.  I like how the Law of Attraction instills looking within us and being aware of our self-talk.  If you rent the movie “What the Bleep”, this is a terrific movie about the Laws of Attraction.  I also like Action-Oriented models as well. How often have we heard a story where when someone is unemployed their self-esteem goes down yet once back in action their entire spirit is lifted? 

In my opinion the Law of Attraction should be balanced by Action.  If the body is always striving for balance then perhaps how we create a healthy emotional state should be in a balanced way as well. So how about balancing the Laws of Attraction with Action-Oriented philosophy? 

Dr. Jeff Miller, author of “The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction” is an Orthopedic Chiropractor, writer and speaker. I recently found out about him while listening to a lecture that he gave discussing orthopedic tests that are used to evaluate the hip, knee and ankle joints.   He has written many books and articles that are orthopedic in nature and then he wrote his book about happiness.  When I looked at the reviews of his book I knew that I wanted to share this with you.  To find out more click on the amazon link.

Humble Chiropractor to Lead Team U.S.A.
August 1, 2012

Did you get a chance to watch this year’s Olympic opening ceremony? Do you remember your first Olympics?  I remember being swept up in the excitement watching Nadia Comaneci and her perfect 10’s. Since then it’s been amazing to watch the athletes perform each Olympic season.  Did you know that many of the Olympic athletes use chiropractic? In a recent article from The American Chiropractor, Dr. Terry Schroeder discusses his involvement with the Olympics. 

Dr. Schroeder was hired in 2007 as head coach of the USA water polo team.  His team follows an intense workout schedule and he also adjusts his players.  At first there were just a few who would let him to do the chiropractic manipulation on them, soon other players from his team asked to receive chiropractic care.  Athletes are always looking for that edge and these players found that the hands on care of chiropractic joint manipulation plays a huge role in the fine-tuning of their body.  Merrill Moses, considered one of the best goalies in the world, was so inspired by chiropractic that he is planning on going to go to Chiropractic College and then to become a chiropractor. 

Dr. Schroeder and his team travel all over the world for competition and this has helped spread the word about the effectiveness of chiropractic care.  No matter where Dr. Schroeder’s team travels he adjusts his players and athletes from other teams have noticed. This has lead them to approach Dr. Schroeder to see if he would adjust them, including two of the very best athletes in the world. One was Andrija Prlainovic form Serbia and the other Thomas Kasas from Hungary.  Dr. Schroeder and his team are attending the 2012 London Olympics so I wonder what other team players around the world will ask if he will adjust them?  

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