Chiropractic May Lower Dental Costs

Last week I chipped a tooth along with it’s crown and ended up going to a local holistic dentist.  While sitting in the chair we talked about my being a chiropractor and when she found this out a few interesting comments were made.  First was that the majority of her young patients who received regular chiropractic care and or craniosacral therapy from birth through adolescence were sick less often had beautifully shaped heads and did not need to have orthodontic work.  Then she said parents could save a lot of money on dental care if they just brought their children in to get chiropractic and or craniosacral therapy right after birth and then continued with care on a regular basis.   

If you are not familiar with craniosacral therapy this is a specific analysis and then gentle release of the bones in the head and the amount of tension there is from the cranium down to the tailbone.  Many chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and physical therapists use cranial therapy.  I especially use this when I know someone has hit their head, grinds their teeth, has headaches, if a baby won’t nurse well or has a flat head and for overall balance and relaxation. 

Hands on gentle alignment of the spine, joints and bones of the cranium allows the nervous system, immune system, and circulatory system to stay healthy; which most likely can prevent the high cost of treating chronic illness.  Just this week one of my patients told me that her toddler who gets adjusted by me once a month only goes in to see the pediatrician for check ups.  He does not get sick, has no ear infections or digestive issues and the mom felt pretty happy that her son was so healthy.   

The dentist’s statements; which validate the importance of bringing children in for regular hands on preventative care along with the testimonial from my patient this week continues to fuel my passion for being part of such an amazing profession!


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  1. Yes i am agree that Chiropractor therapy provides great relaxation to our body. It helps in refreshing mind. It gives you awesome feeling.

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