Chiropractic For Runners

1.)Master Runner Relies on Chiropractic Care: from the New York Times

Kathy Martin, age 60, routinely visits a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a strength coach and a physical therapist. She refers to these healers as Team Martin, and she believes they keep her aligned, stretched, kneaded, restored and stimulated.

One afternoon last month, Jon DiFlorio, the strength coach, had Martin doing deep knee bends as Kathy held 88 pounds of weight in her hands.  “Most people her age are happy to focus on anti aging; they just want to keep playing golf or tennis into there 70’s or 80’s”, he said. “That’s not Kathy’s agenda. Kathy is an elite athlete. She’s focused on world records.”

Dr. Rick Statler, Martin’s chiropractor the past 25 years, said: “The key with Kathy is to keep her pelvis balanced. Like most runners, her tendency is to drift out of alignment. Running is hard. The body absorbs thousands of impacts. It’s like a plane. It has to fly perfectly level.”

2.)Runner Relied on Chiropractic Care for Back Pain: from Yahoo Sports

In April 2010, William H. Sloan had just completed his 14th half marathon and had lost 50 pounds. Unfortunately instead of feeling strong and healthy, Sloan’s back hurt so much that he decided to stop racing.   

In his racing group there was a chiropractor whom he had met a few times yet was reluctant to try chiropractic for the pain.  A year went by, he gained back half his weight and then attended a lecture given by the same chiropractor. The information he learned is why William began going for care.

The chiropractor adjusted Mr. Sloan’s back as well as talked with him about good nutrition and posture.  After a couple of weeks, William had more energy, could sit comfortably at his desk and was ready to run again.

William Sloan attributes his second full marathon finish in December of 2011 to chiropractic care, and has a full racing schedule planned.


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