Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Did you know that the human fetus develops seven times more quickly than an infant?  Because of this rapid growth, the fetus is very sensitive to biomechanical forces that lead to constraining pressures and molding.  Accidents, slips, falls, multiple pregnancies, sleeping on one’s stomach, scoliosis, poor posture, poor ergonomic work habits, household duties, sporting activities, playing an instrument and other biomechanical forces may affect the spinal development of the fetus.  

 After the seventh month of pregnancy the fetus should move into the head down position.  When the fetus does not turn head down this is called In-Utero Constraint; which can create increased biomechanical forces to the fetus.  This can alter the development of bone, cartilage, muscle and ligament.  Let’s look at a study showing the effects that the breech presentation has on babies.

 Dunn, a medical doctor reviewed 6,000 cases of breech babies and found the following occurrences:

~42% develop Postural Scoliosis

~20-25% Torticollis, Mandibular Asymmetry 

~50% Hip Dislocation 

 Do the results of this study help you to understand why it is important to do everything to help turn that baby head down?  If you watched my latest E-Video you know that the Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique helps turn babies head down up to 82% of the time.  There also is information about how chiropractic can help babies that suffer from the maladies as listed by Dr. Dunn, yet shall save that for another E-Brief. 

 Let’s continue with a few more studies that show the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy.  This one discusses how it helps shorten labor and then the next one shows how it can help decrease back pain in labor. 

 In one study Dr. Fallon, a chiropractic physician, reported on her clinical findings that:

~First time mothers who received chiropractic care during pregnancy had a mean labor time of 8 hours. 

~Those first time mothers who did not receive chiropractic care on average went through a labor time of 14 hours. (six hours longer)

~Women who had given birth more than once and underwent chiropractic care during pregnancy had a labor time of 4 to 5 hours. 

~Those women who had given birth more than once and who did not receive chiropractic care had an average labor time of 9 hours.  (4 – 5 hours longer)

 Diakow, a chiropractic physician, reviewed a study involving 400 pregnant women to look at the percentage of women suffering from back pain in pregnancy and whether chiropractic care helped to reduce back pain in labor.

~Back pain was experienced in 43.5% of pregnancies and 44.7% of the deliveries.

~Of the 170 pregnancies with reported back pain, 72% also reported back pain during labor.

~Of the women studied, 37 received chiropractic adjustments during their pregnancies.

~It was found that 84% of these women reported relief of back pain during labor.

 Did you find this informative?  If so perhaps you know of a pregnant woman, midwife or obstetrician who wants to be informed as well.

 To watch my Video about Chiropractic for Breech Babies click here:

 In health and happiness,

Dr. Liselotte Schuster
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  1. What a pleasant review of the benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy. I appreciate your time sharing this to us. Thanks.

    • Thanks Shlomo for your comment. Please excuse my very delayed response.

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