Turning Breech Babies and Reducing Unnecessary C-Sections with Chiropractic

In 1964 the national U.S. cesarean section rate was 4.5%; however, the national cesarean section rate is much higher and has been increasing steadily for more than a decade. In 2007 the rate was 31.8%, meaning that about one mother in three now gives birth by cesarean section, a record level for the United States. 

One of the reasons for the increase in cesarean sections is that less hospitals since the 1970’s have been delivering breech babies vaginally. Most obstetricians will send breech moms to the hospital to try to turn the baby with a procedure called external version; which has a 58% success rate.  Some obstetricians also send mom’s that are breech for moxabustion from acupuncturists; which helps turn babies as well.  There is another option to help turn breech babies; which has an 82% success rate and this is called the “Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique”. 

I have been certified since the early 90’s and have had my share of breech baby’s turn into the head down position with this technique.  Just a few weeks ago another mom came in who was breech with her fourth pregnancy.  The first three were all vaginal deliveries and she wanted to do everything to help turn this baby.  She had gone through the external version and she also had the moxabustion yet the baby still had not turned.  She came to me three times, the baby turned and then she delivered her baby vaginally and was very happy to have avoided the c-section.

If you know of any mom who wants to avoid an unnecessary c-section please send them this video. 


In health and happiness,

Dr. Liselotte Schuster


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