But She’s Only A Chiropractor

This blog was inspired because of my mother.  This past weekend my mom was over a neighbor’s house and they were discussing health issues including suggestions that I recently have been giving my mother.  When the neighbor heard that I have been giving my mom health recommendations she said, “But your daughter is only a chiropractor.”  My mom immediately got angry and said, “Throughout the years my daughter has been giving me way better health advise than any of the medical doctor’s I go to.”  She was not going to let any one speak badly about me, her daughter,  thanks MOM!  
What I realized from my mother’s encouter is that my neighbor does not know that much about chiropractors and she is not alone.  The majority of folks out there have no idea of the knowledge and the education of chiropractors.  So to help spread the word I am including information that compares the training between MD’c and DC’s.  As you can see the two professions study many of the same subjects and in my own experience while in chiropractic college some local medical students who used to study in our library were very surprised at our curriculum. 
So the next time any one says “They are only a chiropractor” please send them this blog to inform them about our comprehensive education. 
Dr. Liselotte Schuster B.A., B.S., D.C.
SUBJECT                 MEDICAL                        CHIROPRACTIC
                            CLASS HOURS                     CLASS HOURS
Anatomy                      508                                       520
Physiology                    326                                      420
Pathology                     401                                       205
Chemistry                    325                                       300
Bacteriology                 114                                        130
Diagnosis                     324                                       420
Neurology                    112                                        320
X-Ray                         148                                        217
Psychiatry                   144                                         65
Obstetrics and             198                                        65
Orthopedics                 156                                       225
TOTAL HOURS         2,756                                     2,887
Other required subjects for the Doctor of Chiropractic include: adjusting, manipulation, kinesiology, philosophy and other similar subjects.
Other required subjects for the Doctor of Medicine include: pharmacology, immunology, general surgery and other similar basic subjects.
GRAND TOTAL        4,248                                    4,485
Doctor’s of Chiropractic must meet stringent educational requirements including about 800 hours of externship to qualify for licensure in all states.  A rigid state chiropractic board examination must be taken and passed followed by continuing education seminars that must be completed annually for license renewal.



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  1. Upon entering the information I did not realize the blog would rearrange the columns of class hours. Hopefully you get the overall picture.

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  3. Quite inspired blog. you have shared a very awesome blog. Thanks a lot for posting this hope to see the next update soon.

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