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This incredible weather that we are having feels wonderful yet the trees, flowers, mold, weeds and grasses are causing symptoms for those who have allergies.  I feel bad about that and don’t want people to suffer when they could be enjoying themselves.  To help those with outdoor allergy symptoms along with symptoms associated with food and chemical sensitivities there is an effective system that I use in my office called The BAX-3000.  This technology is Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy and provides a novel and unique approach to wellness that is allowing patients to experience symptomatic relief.

 Here are but a few examples of how this technology has helped.  One of my patient’s that I work with used to be on allergy medications all the time and noticed that with the BAX-3000 she hardly needed to use her allergy medications any more.  She also told me in amazement that she could be in her office around fresh cut flowers where before if she were anywhere near them they would cause an immediate asthmatic attack.  Last week a patient reported that his sinuses were noticeably clearer than they had been in a very long time.  

Another one of my patients wrote this testimonial.  “Over the past few years my physical and emotional being had become increasingly stressed.  My body was reacting negatively to various foods and environmental stimuli.  Following a series of treatments, I no longer react negatively to yogurt, coffee, chocolate, almonds and beer.  All of which either produced indigestion, heartburn, loose bowel movements or a change in breathing.  In addition I no longer suffer from itching and watery eyes when I pet or hold feline friends!  I would highly recommend the BAX-3000 treatment to improve sensitivities, allergies and general balance/well-being.”  Timothy

To watch a video about the BAX-3000 go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgHz5KOKqBk&list=UUyf2L6bgWxiX2Bo01KLfhKQ&index=7&feature=plcp

The BAX-3000 technology uses a therapeutic laser to help the body release endorphins and enkephalins. These are natural sedatives and painkillers and this calms the nervous system.  At the same time that the laser is helping the body release endorphins and enkephalins, the laser is also exposing the body to homeopathic vibrations of environmental allergens, foods or chemicals. This breaks the negative association to whatever the body is having a reaction to and replaces it with a neutral association.  The net result is the positive conditioning or retraining of the nervous system.  

What I love about this technology is that people are letting me know they are not stressed out like they used to be.  They can live more freely by taking a walk outside or leaving their windows open and for those with food sensitivities they can eat more foods without fear at home and in social situations. I feel so blessed to help people in this way and don’t want people to suffer any more. 

In health and happiness, Dr. Liselotte Schuster
Along with in office visits Dr. Schuster also offers her expertise over the phone.  Patients have faxed their blood work and other test results to get her professional advise.  For more information or to book a phone session please call.  (847)509-9067       


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