Childhood Ear Infections

A recent discussion ensued over a friend’s daughter who had been having chronic ear infections. Unfortunately the pediatrician said that if they did not go away he could only offer to put tubes into the ear.  This made my heart sink especially since I have worked successfully for over 20 years to help children who have had ear infections.  I wanted to relay hope that there actually is something else that can be done that most pediatricians are not informed of.

 I began to explain how working gently to align the vertebrae in the neck helps the nerves that affect the muscles of the inner ear to relax; which allows fluid to drain.  I also explained that working gently on the plates of the head could allow the fluid to drain as well.  We talked about the fact that misalignment in the neck and in the plates of the head can occur during birth, as well as rolling over, trying to lift the head, sleeping and lying primarily on the back, falls that occur and more.

 I also explained that along with chiropractic, it is also important to recommend probiotics on a regular basis and to investigate foods such as dairy, gluten, corn and sugar.  The reaction to my information was very well received and I decided that more people should know about these options.  I ask you to feel free to pass this information along about helping ear infections naturally and if you have any questions about this, please contact me.

 In health and happiness,

Dr. Liselotte Schuster



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