Shining Light on San Quentin

I recently read an interesting article in “The Chiropractic Journal” written by Dr. Nosh Kaplan about six chiropractors that took a trip to San Quentin State Prison on Friday, August 19th, 2011.  The author of the article said, “The purpose of their trip was to connect each person that they touched, with the innate life force inside of them.  In short their purpose was to “turn on the light” because even when a small light shines amid complete darkness, it can be seen.”

 San Quentin opened in 1852, is the only state prison in California that holds executions and they have the largest death row in the US.  The prison employs 1,718 staff and houses 5,222 inmates bringing them to 180% capacity.  Dr. Nosh said the day began with some fear and trepidation, but ended with gratitude, fulfillment and hope.

 Throughout the day they adjusted several hundred inmates greeting them with their first names and a friendly handshake.  Dr. Nosh said “they were shy at first, but seemed to open up after the initial greeting and the adjustments.”  He noted in the article, that the mood was relaxed and jovial smiles filled the room infectiously, and followed them out the room and into the yard.  He said that one inmate told him to be careful of his lower neck because he still had a bullet lodged beneath his skin.  Another claimed that his eyesight was completely restored immediately after he had been adjusted.

 What struck me the most and what the author said was the most significant moment of the day was when he was told that it was commonplace for the prison to be racially segregated.  That there were different cliques divided by race and the prisoners keep peace within the walls of the yard based on these divisions.  However Dr. Nosh was told “You know, today was unlike any other day in here.  I’ve never before seen the different races interact with each other like they did today.  They were joking with each other, laughing, high-fiving…  That just never happens in here.  Something changed today.”

 The author commented that this speaks to the power of the adjustment and the significance it can have to our community and to our world.  “On a neurological level, chiropractors help balance the afferent output that is sent from the spine to the brain, improving the overall function of the brain and nervous system.  On a philosophical level, they helped connect each inmate with the innate intelligence inside that serves to help their body function and heal properly.  On a sociological level, they temporarily broke the racial barriers that exists within the prison dynamic and allowed the prisoners to view each other as equals, as human beings.” 

This trip by these six chiropractors certainly did make a difference that day in San Quentin.  I always find stories like this inspirational and hope you enjoyed my sharing it with you.


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