E-Television Review About “Project Bee”

Yes “Project Bee”. I came up with that term a few weeks ago after watching Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce interview Taggart Siegel about his documentary “Queen of the Sun”. During the interview they discussed Colony Collapse Disorder and how the disappearance of the bees is affecting our food supply because farms rely on pollination.

Colony Collapse Disorder has occurred a few times in the past and was due to mites and or viruses. According to experts, the bees where able to survive these threats and then repopulate themselves. This time however, the disorder is more severe due to the neurotoxins that are found in the pesticides that are used on farms. These neurotoxins have been shown to affect the brain of the bees, which affects their fly pattern and then severely reduces the pollination of the crops on farms all over the world.

The extreme importance of this was discussed and so was the idea that we each can have a positive affect on this individually. Those of us who do not live by farms that spray their crops can grow our own bee garden. Herbs such as oregano or rosemary and fragrant flowers are great at attracting bees. On a side note: I also read that making sure the plants are organic and not from genetically modified seeds also has a positive affect on the bee’s life and ability to perform pollination flight patterns.

Because of this interview, I decided to be proactive with “Project Bee” and have planted some herb seeds of my own as well as fragrant flowers. Hopefully in the next few months I shall spot bees flying around in my patio.

If you want to read and or see this interview please click onto the following link.



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