E-Brief Story Sent 2/16/11

Hello this is Dr. Schuster and Welcome to my Weekly E-Brief 

This week I have a patient’s success story for you.  Please feel free to share this information as knowledge is empowering!




The E-Brief Story:
This freshman in high school came to me in the fall of 2010 due to injuries that he had sustained in a car accident three years earlier.  Even after rehabilitation, he was experiencing lower back pain and stiffness that had been getting worse.  Both he and his mother also noticed that the pain was making him walk like an old man.  This really got to me because I don’t want children to grow up with pain or possible future debilitation if they don’t have to.  He was very active with sports and had such a great personality that I truly wanted to help him.  I adjusted him on that first visit and when he came in for his next adjustment he said that he felt better and walked straighter for a day.  At his 3rd visit he said he was feeling better and noticed that he was again standing straighter.  It took a total of 8 visits for him to consistently feel no pain and to not walk like an old man!  He is so focused on feeling this way that about once a month he tells his mom that he needs to come in for a tune up.  
I would love it if all children could feel their best, aware of their body, knowing when they need a tune up, growing into healthy adults.  If you have a story to share that can bring hope to others, please call or e-mail me.
Next week I have an E-Brief article to share with you.
To see my E-Brief Video please click here: www.youtube.com/1964lilo
In health and happiness,
Dr. Liselotte Schuster

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