Chiropractors and Animals

In the Fall/Winter 2009 ICA Review, there are a few articles about Chiropractors and Animals.  One is of a Chiropractor, Dr. Robert Braile, who has a ranch near Atlanta, Georgia.  On this ranch there are over 100 hundred animals including horses, Galapagos tortoises, pony’s, goats, ducks, rabbits, chinchillas, dogs and many other animals that  have been rescued.   The Braile family has made it their priority to balance family life along with taking care of their pets and maintaining a Chiropractic pratice.   What hearts of gold this family has and I wanted everyone to know about them.

Another article featured Dr. Jay Komarek, a chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado, who has been adjusting animals for 32 years.  Dr. Komarek’s father, uncle and other family members were chiropractors and as a child he saw how animals that were hurt or in pain benefited from getting adjusted.  That exposure is one of the reasons that Dr. Komarek developed 2 practices with 2 different entrances, 40% for humans and 60% for animals.  He also travels a few days a week to adjust horses on farms. 

Dr. Komarek is not alone in his passion for working with animals.  More and more chiropractors are taking specialty classes to learn how to adjust animals and Dr. Komarek teaches some of those classes.  Dr. Komarek says:  “The role of a chiropractor is not to cure, it is to restore balance in the body so that the inherent intelligence within can function without interference. ”  

According to the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association here are a few indicators for when animals may need chiropractic care; neck, back, leg pain; muscle spasms and nerve problems; injuries from falls and accidents; difficulty chewing, post surgical care; trouble getting up or down; seizures, behavior or mood changes; chronic health problems that do not resolve as expected and many other indicators are also mentioned.

For more information about these articles please go to the ICA website at


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