Relief for Survivors of Breast Cancer

I just read an article in the November 2009 ACAnews about a Chiropractor who has been working with Breast Cancer Survivors.  

Dr. Brian Nathanson lost his mother to brain cancer when he found himself talking with surgeons about the different syndromes that often accompany those who have had mastectomies, chemo, breast implants, etc…  With this information, Dr. Nathanson began using a soft tissue technique on those who had breast cancer to help reduce the side effects that the surgery had.   His work  allowed women to get moving sooner after their surgeries by reducing tightness and restrictions from the scar tissue.   This technique also  improved posture by loosening up the muscles that often tighten up and cause the body to hunch over.  Not only has this helped with posture and mobility but headaches as well, which are another common side effect of these surgeries.

The soft tissue technique that Dr. Nathanson uses is called the Graston Technique.  This has helped improve the quality of life for those who have won the battle over cancer.  Like so many Chiropractors Dr. Nathanson  studies and then utilizes techniques designed to help patients with their health challenges, because chiropractors treat patients, not just their spine.

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  1. Physical therapists and chiropractors across the country are using Graston Technique® instruments to treat post-mastectomy patients. To locate a provider in your area, go to:

    Thank you for writing about Dr. Nathanson in your blog!

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