Mothering is the name of a Magazine which focuses on many topics including, breastfeeding, organic food, autism, allergies, natural toys, cloth diapers, home birth, birthing your way, raising confident kids, cosleeping, midwives, circumcision, natural health care and so much more.

The magazine has so many informative articles and yet my favorite part is the “Your Letters” section.  This contains letters that are endearing, honest and interesting which often are accompanied by pictures.  Many pictures are of little babies being nursed, toddlers pretending to nurse a doll or fathers carrying or cosleeping with their little one.  These letters and pictures always bring such joy to my heart, which is why it’s my favorite part.

I also enjoy the earthiness of the articles and the groundedness of the information.  It speaks to many of my ideals and I think it is a wonderful treasure to share with others, which is why I keep a copy or two in my office at all times.  Even though the title is Mothering they do have articles about men and parenting, so I hope you’ll look for it next time you’re at the bookstore, library or at the local health food store.  They also have a website

Sincerely,   Dr.  Liselotte Schuster


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