Pathways to family wellness

There is a Pediatric/Pregnancy magazine available at your local book store called Pathways to Family Wellness.  In the past one could only get it from their chiropractor or they could get their own subscription.  Whenever I had the magazine in my office, mothers always commented on how much they loved it, so I felt the urge to share with you it’s availablitiy.  You can buy a copy or go to their site

The most popular one that I had in my office had Jennifer McCarthy on the cover along with Jim Carey and the magazine featured her work with Autism.  Here are some examples of headlines from current and past issues.

Colic: Safe Sloutions You Can Count On, Lyme Disease: Prevention and Natural Treatment, Prenatal Ultrasound: Links to Autism, Yoga for Kids, When the Pediatrician Says GER, Teaching Children Respect, Evolve Your Brain: Dr. Joe Dispenza,  Are Your Kids Safe?, Will Play for Donuts.

Dr. Jeanne Ohm is the editor-in-chief and the perspective of the magazine is a vitalistic approach to health care.  According to Dr. Ohm Vitalism,  “recognizes, respects and trusts in the intelligence of life and the interconnectedness of this wisdom among all life.  Processes of the body are to be trusted, not feared, and an underlying confidence for healing and proper function is emphasized.”  This, Dr. Ohm says is a very different perspective of the mechanistic approach to health care which, “defines life as a random series of events, devoid of an organized and intelligent purpose.”

I am always interested in helping pregnant women and mothers to obtain the more vitalistic approach to health care and feel that this magazine is one more way to provide that.  I hope you get the opportunity to see for yourself  and they also have a facebook page if you want to connect with others.  Sincerely, Dr. Liselotte Schuster


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