Bird Sanctuary

On Sunday 6/14/09 I had the pleasure of visiting a “Refuge for Saving the Wildlife” in Northbrook, IL.  A friend of mine who volunteers there on Sundays asked if I would interview them for the cable access t.v. show that I have.  My interview will be on starting in July.

This Refuge is in the home of a full time Police Officer, Richard Weiner who has dedicated his life to rescuing many birds over the past 2 decades.  His fiance Karen, who is a vet tech shares his passion and love for these beautiful and lively creatures.   

When you walk into the home they have 2 rooms that are filled with over 70 birds.  Both rooms were designed with their native habitat in mind as they are quite large and quite tall.  Each bird has it’s own cage that is appropriate for it’s size and contains tons of toys that allows for them to rip with their beek.  Their feed is organic and they also eat vegetables, a small amout of fruit as treats and chicken, bones and other protein filled foods.

As soon as you enter the large rooms the birds immediately begin to talk to you as a way to let you know that you are an assumed predator until they get to know you.  One sounded like a telephone, others said hello, goodbye, hi honey, some jumped up and down, others whistled.  It really was quite an experience for the senses to walk around to each bird and acknowledge them.

Along with those two rooms they also have birds in the living room on a perch, some in a bedroom upstairs and others in the basement.  Unfortunately they receive more birds than they currently adopt out so they must accomodate them in any way possible. 

The birds live any where from 25 to 75 years and as a way to make sure they are taken care of Richard has them in his will .  Adopting them out is another way to make sure they are taken care of.  They adopt the right bird based on the adoptees personality, what type of home one lives in and any other pets that are in the home.  Yes other pets as Richard and Karen also have 2 dogs, 1 cat and a bunny all living happily. 

Volunteers come weekly to help Karen and Richard with all of the duties that are required to help these birds stay healthy and happy.  If you would like to find out more on how you can help support and or adopt one of these lovely creatures please visit


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